Fortune Freight Inc.


   Our sales manager Michael Eisenberg with Mohammad       Ali the Heavy weight Champion and our President Frank       with New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg show         the range of contacts available to all of our clients if they       request solutions we have the resolve to provide the             solution required to achieve the results we need. 

John Mattera - CEO - Founder

   Frank Chouen - President  

Frank Chouen is a Vietnam veteran, Frank has worked in many industries, from financial to logistics and has worked with many people from Mayor Bloomberg to Joey Reynolds the legendary radio disk jockey. Over his 45 years in business, business development and logistics Frank has created a huge portfolio of people that he has learned from and Frank has owned many businesses and has worked directly with John Mattera for 4 years having formed partnerships in several companies and Frank has also contributed to 4 other companies. Frank has imported products and has also developed products, brands and concepts  Frank is actively managing the finances for this company, Fortune Freight Inc. and COBEX an Escrow company holding funds between parties looking to invest into businesses.

              112 - B Terry Rd. Smith Town NY. 11787 - Phone 1 800 801 5519 -

 Matthew Mattera - V-Pres.


                                Matthew is also the Co-Founder of this business and Fortune Freight Inc Matther is sole owner of  Mattera Consulting Inc. 

                                Matthew has been in the trucking, logistics and Route businesses since 2007 having started as an assistant manager on a                                            Snapple route and while putting himself through collage, Matt managed three different Snapple routes for 3 different owners                                      while working as a business consultant. Matt has also created 3 businesses Dietz & Watson, Fruti and Florida's Natural                                            Routes  and he sold the businesses and became a consultant with 5 business consulting businesses as his base clients. Matt has                                  become an expert in business development and his opinion is valued by many business consulting offices. Matt along with                                  Frank manages Terry Logistics Inc. Fortune Freight Inc and Matthew also manages the family business,  NPL Consulting Services Inc  also known   as ( The Route Store ),  Matt has tremendous resolve and provides the solutions our clients count on him to provide.

John is a Vietnam combat veteran, he has been in logistics since 1969. John has founded many businesses, he is involved in 5 businesses today all are all logistics or consulting based. John has a tremendous resolve, he is considered one of, if not the actual leading expert on Routes, Logistics Route development. When it comes to business development, management or John and learn the facts associated to the industry. John has provided EXPERT testimony for companies like Pepsi Cola, Farmland Dairies, Arizona Ice Tea and others for an opinion on valuations, product development or other opinions. John has a domestic and international background having imported, creating brands and products. John is semi retired, his son Matt's in direct contact with John and runs day to day operations